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By: Vivian Cristina de Almeida Lopes 
Image: from You Tube/Discovery Family
Note: this article was first posted by me in the forum General Discussion, of "Undertanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life", from University of Chicago/Coursera, mai/2015. I hope it may awaken many, unmasking who really was Charles Darwin and his theory that is the recipe not to evolution but the extermination of all life and compassion in this planet and the creator of... nazism, as hitler himself wrote whom he followed: Charles Darwin. The references are very good, check it!

A hero to many, Darwin wrote these words:
  “With savages, the weak in body or mind are soon eliminated; and those that survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health. We civilised men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check the process of elimination; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick; we institute poor-laws; and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the life of every one to the last moment. There is reason to believe that vaccination has preserved thousands, who from a weak constitution would formerly have succumbed to small-pox. Thus the weak members of civilised societies propagate their kind. No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man. It is surprising how soon a want of care, or care wrongly directed, leads to the degeneration of a domestic race; but excepting in the case of man himself, hardly any one is so ignorant as to allow his worst animals to breed.”  (Charles Darwin, 'The Descent of Man,' Chapter V).

As cites the brilliant brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho [1], Darwin makes an explicit call for the elimination of the innocent. Note that Darwin is saying that care for the sick and poor, is for the ignorant, something that hinders the evolution; or in his words, this mortal suffering is a PROCESS OF ELIMINATION. Not Hitler (at least 12 million people killed), the monster that created the "final solution",  in his book “meim kampf”, nor Stalin (at least 18 million people killed), who cited Darwin as their mentors, committed an interpretation´s error of Darwin´s theory (for many, a law!) - and they registered their thoughts in writing! I think that the article of Professor Richard Weikart, "Does Darwinism devalue Human Life?" [7] is a "must read". He points very well the historical and ideological link with Darwinism and Nazism and the Darwin´s autobiographic thoughts. The theory of evolution (for those who took the work to check), is clearly racist and genocidal, and considers the black inferior to the white and not belonging to human race! About if Darwin had any unbiblical bias, better check the words of Darwin himself: yes, even in The Descent of Man, he criticized the Bible and said that the idea that we are all brothers would die.

As a horrifying idea as these could be accepted? John Angus Campbell [2] proposes some bases; he talks about the potential of language, in "Why Darwin Was Believed? Darwin's Origin and the Problem of Intellectual Revolution ".

However, when we look to the nature, we know that in a forest, things are in balance and species are not competing trying to exterminate others and so proves some superiority! I know dogs and cats that live beautifully! When we look at nature, we can see LOVE DID, not HATE DID! I have a friend who has a strange friend: a frog! She goes to the balcony dishwasher, and the frog comes to stay with her, watching her, and she talks to him! I believe because I saw! (Although this mother and grandmother is so special that looks more an angel).
How about we check? do you want to see some wonderful behavior of nature?

a) Gorillas and Tigers playing!

b) Elephants saving the puppy: how great parents!

c) This is amazing! During the war in 2014, the bell rings again in Israel for the population get into bomb shelters. Elephants hear the siren and realize that something is wrong and serious, and make a shield to protect their young.

However, the islamic terrorist organization Hamas ("violence"), use their own children as human shields, hiding missiles where the most fragile of the population is: hospitals (operating rooms) and kindergartens: a completely unnatural behavior that we do not observed even among beasts. How Darwin was making a theory that? What he did was a completely misreading of nature! And the killings are no superiority between species or races as clearly justify Darwin's theory: it is Cain exterminating Abel, two brothers of the same family, the human family! The ideas are learned- as Darwin´s ideology!

I see with concern that the madness of Darwin's theory that inspired the Nazis (whether some like it or not), and communism, with his friend Marx shaping the "class struggle, and the Darwin´s cousin, Galton (the Adams family was better !), coined the term "eugenics" (1839) [3], for the improvement of races physical and mentally (?), which culminated with the terrible nazi holocaust, is still acclaimed! Evolutionary Psychology is claiming that the "behavior is mediated by evolutionary forces." I know several forces, but which forces are these ones that no one saw anything? These people came to the absurd of decide who can reproduce or not in this planet! (one paragraph below of the Darwin´s central statement I use in this article, he wrote about the marriage of “the weak” to not be allowed!). It was not in theory only: they did! Will not continue to do? They founded a society called "the justs" (ohh) and wrote the Communist Manifest, with so many global control items! They want to control people in a completely pathological behavior, some of them are Nobel prizes such as James Watson, who said that one should wait days after birth to see if the infant is HUMAN! Bestiality is such that they do not know what any illiterate know, that dog generates dog, human generates human and just life generates life!

But a parenthesis: if you really examine who these people are, will see that their conduct is the conduct of any criminal, based on fraud. Watson had access to confidential data on the structure of DNA that were assigned to him without the knowledge or permission of the author, Rosalind Elsie Franklin bright [4]. With a few days apart from her article and Watson's article in Nature, Nature sent print the Watson´s article hastily, article of just one page that raises a hypothesis without proof. And Rosalind, Watson called her incompetent! She did not receive the Nobel, but on her apartment door, the english Heritage Society preached this inscription: "Rosalind Franklin, 1920-1958, a pioneer in the study of molecular structures, including DNA, lived here from 1951 to 1958”. Everybody knows! This is not the only injustice in Nobel: Jocelyn Bell until today, never received, nor several remarkable women. And a terrorist with hands full of blood, Arafat, received! And if there's something else that is also contained in theory of evolution, it is a woman as inferior of man. It was from there that started the most preposterous excuses trying standardization in behavior between men and women with alleged bases in the brain of man and woman. They spread that women are not as rational as man. Did you know? Really study the theory of evolution and its consequences increasingly inhumane.
Almost finally, the Guardian has, in my opinion, an excellent review of "Alas, Poor Darwin: Arguments Against Evolutionary Psychology" [5]. In an objective manner it shows that there is an evolutionary movement to recruit converts with a missionary fervor of a religion, as is the way Dawkins "works"; as an agenda.

 Finally, I present now some bizarre and inhuman events happening right now, which has support in the blind vision of Darwin´s theory:

1) Infanticide. There are tribes in Brazil that bury their newborns alive, if they are born with disabilities or twins. Of course a barbaric practice imposed a culture like this; unlike supremacy, it takes the family to commit suicide after the murder. The practice has been harshly confronted by a brilliant linguist and Methodist missionary Marcia Suzuki. The work of Atini organization is certainly best known outside Brazil than here. An international documentary, “Hakani”, shows the problem. Suzuki adopted as daughter one indian girl who was saved by her littler brother and lived some time in the forest since newborn until be found by the researchers. She studies, she is very beautiful young now and she has a normal life. Her case is a miracle. However, to declare the illegality of infanticide in Brazil has found violent opposition from academics (who else?) and the government itself, defending the practice of these human sacrifices. But a culture has the right to reinvent itself, to stop being wild! And if you can, collaborate with this great work! Be a voice for these innocent lives!

2) Criminalization of the poverty-or charity! 33 cities in the US already prohibit feeding the hungry, and if not attend, you can be jailed! In fact, a 90-year-old pastor was arrested several times, by the "crime" of helping the hungry! What is happening with the society? Who are they listening? (hum…) Where are we going? Who even called this "civility"? The Jewish sages explain that in the ancient city of Sodom, was forbidden to give food to the hungry, and so suffered the righteous Lot and his daughters, they did it anyway. Then, you will sit idly by, or will stand up against this? How about sign this petition? Take an action!

3) Global depopulation. Well, a UN secretary suggested it! (Some tongues are saying that should start with her!). See by yourself! . And how many abortions are per hour in the US? how practiced since 1973? Certaily the number is greater then www2: and this is a holocaust! Children are the great victims of all these culture (and cult) of death.

We need an urgent appeal to reason. I consider this world academic system broken, and young people, who should be being encouraged to HELP, to revolutionize with everything that is good, pro-life, pro-freedom, to practice their knowledge going and building houses and adequate electrical installations in places of the world where people are dying victims of all kinds of oppression, not because of some karma but as a result of corruption of decades, even centuries, they are now being indoctrinated, losing their energy in pointlessly stupid movements like “boycott Israel” and being recruited to terrorism. And for those who don’t know, the aim of terrorism is deflagrate war. The First World War was planned, the second also, and are planning a third, nuclear war! The group most violently taking their rights diminished in the world, being eliminated, are Christians, and the persecuted nation, since ever, is Israel: curiously, the biblical Judeo-Christian culture that is strongly opposed to this culture of hate! The Professor Weikart [7]  says, after his analysis of the facts that have devalued life throughout history, that "we must go back to history." And in my personal view I say, we must turn to arguably the greatest documentary source of the History, the Bible (as Newton, Pascal, Faraday…), see by ourselves without the biased interference of other voices, the same that have created a false image of Darwin and a distorted image of the Bible! In any case, what is the nature can not be justified by the theory of evolution. I would be ashamed to do this! That man was the very face of evil. I'm not saying all of this on behalf of any group. I'm calling for the freedom of speech because all that is human concerns to all human beings and the purpose of science is the human being. We can not allow sick minds to have us and the planet, as if they were our owners! They are not altruistic! Will not be my case. It is our choice!
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